Prusa Research i3 Mk (mark) 2 3D Printer

September 13, 2017


Welcome to the Design Workshop!

Welcome to the Design Workshop! We’ve been here for a while, and this first post has been a long time waiting in the wings, but we’re ready to step on to the stage. We’ve reached a series of major milestones in the past year; six years in business, our first major project completions, exciting new initiatives and new additions to our team. We believe we have a voice to add to discussions of architecture and all things that are touched by the design community, in our home city, country and beyond.

While we’ve been working quietly away in the background, we believe we’ve been building something special – a design practice that values the intellectual/aesthetic side of design as much as we value the technical and project management knowledge that is so necessary to see projects through. For us, design is where ideas become reality, and that’s why we love our work. We hope you will too!